Ad agencies:

How do you make sure your campaign ends up in the right hands at the right time?

Specialising in print fulfilment since 2003, Mail Workshop makes sure that you have the right delivery solution for each campaign.

You’ve poured your hearts and souls in to the latest campaign for your top client. You’ve also charged them quite a lot for it! Now it’s time to get everything out to the client’s audience. Naturally, your client is expecting perfection. How do you make sure that all your care and effort has the right impact? How do you make sure that the client is delighted with what you have achieved for them?

The last thing you want is for a campaign to fall flat because it wasn’t delivered correctly. But whom do you trust? Does your courier company really care as much as they should do about what you have achieved? Are they really the right company to deliver this particular campaign?

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could have absolute confidence in the delivery solutions that you use?

Mail Workshop makes sure that you have the right delivery solution for each campaign


Mail Workshop provides more than delivery solutions. If you need we can:


  • Store items on your, or your client’s, behalf
  • Rework and repack items
  • Carry out full stock management
  • Manage all the data elements of a campaign from data
    purchase and management through to label creation


Alternatively, we can provide a tailored delivery solution that picks up from the location of your choice. We deliver exactly to your requirements, not the requirements of the carrier company.


Our bespoke software solution means that you know exactly what is going on all the time. And, by the way, we love complicated distribution requirements! We specialise in dealing with anything bulky or heavy, where there is a pick and pack requirement, or where multiple items need to be delivered to the same address.

Mail Workshop is different from the average distribution company

We have access to a whole range of flexible delivery options. We choose the one that best suits your campaign. Incidentally, our sister company is Parcelhub. They carry over 6 million parcels every year and we have direct access to their carrier agreements. That means you have access to exactly the right solutions for you at extremely competitive rates.