Pick and pack fulfilment services

Achieve optimum efficiency, save time and money with Mail Workshop Pick and Pack solutions.

With over 50 years’ combined experience providing pick and pack services to the eCommerce and print sectors, Mail Workshop offers pick, pack & despatch, warehousing and storage solutions for clients that require either an immediate turnaround or long-term storage & retrieval.

Mail Workshop offers a range of storage, retrieval and order packaging solutions, which include integrated reporting and stock control. The hand packing service is tailored to meet the various needs of our clients, and takes place at our warehouse facility which is centrally located in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Pick and pack fulfilment services for ecommerce retailers
Pick pack despatch

Mail Workshop specialises in working with eCommerce retailers, printers and publishers

As with some of our existing clients, your business may rely on sending varying amounts of goods to domestic or international addresses.

This is when we take extra care to use the correct packaging, addressing and accompanying paperwork to ensure swift and safe arrival at your customers’ door.

As with other aspects of our services, we operate bespoke pricing policies and service level agreements for all order fulfilment, picking and packing work to ensure our clients receive the service they expect.


Here’s why you should choose Mail Workshop

Due to our ability to provide ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates through our sister brand, Parcelhub, we are in a strong position to offer up to 80% cost reductions over other pick and pack fulfilment providers. How? Because Parcelhub distributes more than 500,000 parcels every month on behalf of hundreds of eCommerce retailers and wholesalers.