Mail Workshop and our sister brand Parcelhub combine to offer unrivalled economies of scale with point of sale fulfilment:

With over 50 years' combined experience providing some of the UK's favourite brands with POS management services including picking and packing, warehousing, storage and bulk mail-outs, our team of POS experts can offer advice on all aspects of your campaign, whether you are looking to reduce your distribution costs, or are seeking a more effective picking and packing provider. 

Point of Sale Distribution and Fulfilment Services
Improved Distribution Points to Growth for POS Firm -
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Unique selling points of our Point of Sale fulfilment and distribution services:

  • Experience with all forms of point of sale material, including shelf-stands, shelf-stickers, end-of-aisle display units, dumpbins, standees and many more types of printed matter.
  • We collect from every county in the UK.
  • Parcelhub - our multi-carrier solution empowers Mail Workshop clients with access to multiple UK and international parcel and mail carriers, at 'pooled volume' discounted rates.
  • Our team are experienced with reacting quickly in terms of delivering on time, at short notice.
  • Our multi-carrier service is flexible between different pricing structures, depending on the profile of your consignment(s).
  • Our team are experienced also with managing multiple print agencies or publishers during a single campaign, depending on the volume and different formats of point of sale material you require.
  • Experience working with some of the UK's biggest 'daily deal' brands, along with leading graphic design agencies such as Alpha Graphics.
  • Multiple-carrier routing.
  • POD (Proof of Delivery) reporting.